Accomplished professional with strong portfolio of successes that contribute to achieving business objectives in building brand and high visibility for start-ups, small businesses and emerging corporations such as Apple, WebTV Networks and Google

About Me

Marcy Dockery is an enthusiastic, tenacious and creative communications expert with a broad portfolio that illustrates her ability to raise market and public awareness for Fortune 100 companies, emerging companies or early startups through a combination of positioning, messaging, obtaining positive press coverage and influencer accolades. From high tech and consumer electronics to online retail and social media, Marcy has launched startups and burnished top brands in Silicon Valley, Chicago and Denver through the use of traditional, broadcast and social networking expertise.

Marcy began her professional career in Los Angeles,working for Walt Disney Studios, before heading north to Silicon Valley to contribute to Apple Computers’ meteoric rise in the field of personal technology. She developed a strong reputation as a marketer, creating successful programs through tenacity and creativity. From there, Marcy established a string of high-impact PR hits for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Google, Philips, ShopLocal, Flock and many others. She was one of the original employees of WebTV Networks where she developed a nationwide brand buzz for the new Internet TV category and then returned to Apple to launch the colorful iMac, garnering worldwide attention and huge sales.

As a communications consultant, Marcy specializes in influencing media and customers and securing thought leadership for executives in startups and corporations. She applies the principles of PR through the integrated use of blogger, influencer, market analyst, guerilla, social networking and press programs that position clients as innovators in the marketplace. For example, Marcy helped relaunch the social media browser Flock, gaining tons of press coverage and positioning the company to be sold to Zynga. She is an excellent written and oral communicator, event organizer, marketing messaging and positioning expert, crisis negotiator and innovative manager. After over 20 years in Silicon Valley, Marcy recently moved to Denver, CO to continue her career in communications.

Marcy grew up in the Midwest in the middle of 13 children where she learned to communicate with lots of different personalities and work in teams. She also attended college there before moving to Hollywood to begin her career in entertainment and then to northern California where she established her communications career while raising two children. Marcy’s interests include volunteering at children hospitals, skiing, reading, movie going and being active. Her passion is current happenings, local and national, that affect how people see and respond to the world around them. And Stanford football…ask her why. Contact Marcy today to meet and discuss your communications needs!