Accomplished professional with strong portfolio of successes that contribute to achieving business objectives in building brand and high visibility for start-ups, small businesses and emerging corporations such as Apple, WebTV Networks and Google


Steven Aldrich

SVP Applications,

Steven AldrichMarcy helped Posit Science create a tremendous splash with the launch of our DriveSharp product, securing significant media coverage in the Wall Street Journal. She has built trusted relationships with media and analysts over her career and successfully brought us into those discussions. Finally, Marcy thought about both traditional and new media in creating plans to…more  December 10, 2009, Steven managed Marcy indirectly at Posit Science

Ed McLaughlin
CTO, Gannett Digital Marketing Services

is a PR “Pro”. I had the pleasure to work with Marcy on a some significant PR programs. Marcy’s insight and recommendations were invaluable during several PR campaigns we conducted. Marcy has deep roots and insights in PR/Marketing and knew what were the important points to make. Marcy will be a valuable asset to any organization. July 31, 2008, Ed worked with Marcy at ShopLocal

Bob Armour
Chief Marketing Officer, Guaranteed Rate

is an outstanding public relations and corporate communications executive. She can be counted on to construct, execute and over-deliver on a plan based on company and business unit needs. She is tenacious and persistent, and has extensive experience selecting, managing and driving highly product results from outside agencies. I would be happy to provide more.  July 31, 2008, Bob managed Marcy at ShopLocal

Maggie Canon
Public Relations and Content Strategy/Development

Maggie CanonMarcy is terrific at PR and understanding market forces and dynamics. She’s helped launch many successful companies and products. She’s smart, creative and good under pressure. July 25, 2008, Maggie was Marcy’s client

Laura Elmore
Principal, Market Engage

Laura ElmoreI’ve worked with Marcy throughout her career and have a great deal of respect in her ability to lead management teams through a strategic decisionmaking process, such as a positioning exercise. She’s very good in building a solid case and selling it though. Sure made my job easier. May 16, 2008, Laura was a consultant or contractor to Marcy at ShopLocal

Maria Balice
Consultant, FoodMinds, LLC

Maria BaliceMarcy is a results-oriented manager with great strategic vision. Her attention to detail, focus and work ethic make her a valuable asset to any organization’s communications department.  May 8, 2008, Maria was a consultant or contractor to Marcy at ShopLocal

Joe Przybylski
Interactive Creative Director, ESW Partners

Marcy is an extremely vibrant and energetic member of the team at ShopLocal.

Marcy is extremely resourceful – she has consistently proven to be a problem solver for a wide variety of business problems that we have encountered, and has handled all of these issues with ease. A true professional.   May 6, 2008, Joe worked directly with Marcy at ShopLocal

Eva Yusa
Director of Communications, Levy Restaurants

Eva YusaMarcy’s depth of experience and natural PR acumen make her an incredible assest. Her direct attitude and attention to detail command respect from everyone she works with from agencies to media outlets. ShopLocal has benefited immensely from her expertise. I work very closely with Marcy and I’ve learned a great deal about the ins and outs of media relations.   June 24, 2007, Eva worked directly with Marcy at ShopLocal

Rama Aysola
CEO, SensorFlash Inc.

Rama AysolaMarcy was a consummate PR Marcom professional. She was acquainted with the real PR influencers. She is well known to analysts and writers including people at major newspapers, new york times, newsweek, and others.
Her efforts were instrumental in catapulting AirFlash to a leadership position in its space. February 24, 2009, Rama managed Marcy at Burson-Marsteller, Google, Plaxo, Philips, Silicon Graphics, Option Intl, Impresse